Changes Coming…

As of today; October 31, 2011 my blog will be headless… Over the past several months I’ve worked on and off with the appearance of my blog, but have yet to come up with anything that meets what I’m looking for as far as design goes, so until I get through this current “creativity block” the site will be esthetically naked, though the quality  content will not change. I’m hoping to re-launch the blog sometime at the end of December or beginning of January.   


About Jim

I'm currently the Communications Director for Missouri Operation for Vigorous Evangelism [MOVE] A Church planting ministry located in Jefferson City, MO. I believe that the church is the primary means through which God works in a community to love and redeem it. Here at MOVE we’re discovering new ways to be used for this purpose as God leads us and lights His path for us. As God forms this organization and shapes it for a new kind of world I want to be right in the middle of what He’s doing, traveling on this road of a disciple’s journey.

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