Most Christians Can’t Explain Their Faith

Josh McDowell, renowned apologist and best-selling author, says the faith of most Christians—including many pastors—cannot stand up to intellectual scrutiny. McDowell made the comments at a recent men’s ministry networking dinner, saying that these pastors’ inability to present the Bible “comprehensibly and relevantly” is causing children from Christian families to leave the church, even the children of successful ministers. McDowell said he’s asked several thousand pastors and church leaders for biblically based answers to questions like “Are you sure Jesus said He was ‘the truth’ and not just one of many truths?” and “Why do you see yourself as a Christian?” but no one ever gives him an intelligent, Bible-based answer. “The saddest thing is people come to me and say, ‘What’s the answer?’” I say, ‘There’s no answer…There are hundreds of answers.’” A common response that most Christians gave to both questions was that it is “what I believe.” McDowell would respond, “That’s voodoo thinking. Where did we ever get that crazy idea that something is true just because we believe it? If that is true, then there will never be heresy. Everybody would be right.” McDowell ended his talk saying we owe it to ourselves, our children, our neighbors, and the lost to tell them not just what but why we believe.


About Jim

I'm currently the Communications Director for Missouri Operation for Vigorous Evangelism [MOVE] A Church planting ministry located in Jefferson City, MO. I believe that the church is the primary means through which God works in a community to love and redeem it. Here at MOVE we’re discovering new ways to be used for this purpose as God leads us and lights His path for us. As God forms this organization and shapes it for a new kind of world I want to be right in the middle of what He’s doing, traveling on this road of a disciple’s journey.

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